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The board of Helsinki Ruby ry is elected annually at the general meeting.

Current board

Matias Korhonen

Chair <[email protected]>

At his day job Matias works as a senior developer. He occasionally gives talks at conferences and has been involved with organising Ruby meet-ups and conferences in Helsinki for over a decade.

Simo Virtanen

Deputy Chair <[email protected]>

Simo is a designer and software consultant. He’s been working in Ruby on Rails projects close to a decade and was an organiser of Euruko Helsinki and Oh the Humanity! conferences.

Joni Hasanen

Joni is a seasoned developer with years of experience in Ruby. Nowadays, he works in cybersecurity, so there isn’t that much coding during work time, but still using Ruby on hobby projects.

Eetu Mattila

Eetu is a Ruby on Rails developer and a software consultant. He has also worked with the University of Helsinki to improve their Ruby on Rails course and organized course end events to inspire the next generation of Ruby on Rails developers.