Helsinki Ruby ry is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote Ruby and software engineering in general in Helsinki and Finland and beyond. We aim to put together events that aren’t available through commercial channels and to increase diversity and representation in tech.

In 2022 we organised Euruko, a hybrid conference of around 700 attendees in Helsinki (and another couple of hundred more joined us virtually).

This year we’re helping resurrect Helsinki Ruby Brigade meet-ups and we’re launching the Oh the Humanity! conference. OH!2023 is a single track conference for people who are interested in helping humanity thrive by supporting the well-being, information sharing and democracy in software development and beyond.

We aim to keep all our events either completely free of charge or when that isn’t possible we aim to keep the ticket costs as low as possible to enable as wide a range of people to attend as possible. Ticket fees help cover the costs of the event and our overhead costs (for example accounting and hosting costs).

If you’d like to help out with our events, please join our numbers!


Due to Finnish law (Yhdistyslaki 1989/503), the organisation by-laws are only available in Finnish.